Time out for self indulgence

It was my birthday on Jan. 24 and one of my gifts was this picture of Courtney. Amy took her to the Picture People at the mall for a 15 shot sitting and the photographer did a great job. They had been using film, but now they use digital and the quality of the pictures and prints is far better now. Plus they email all the shots to you.

If anybody would like to wallow in my self indulgence and see all the pictures from the sitting, click here.


It’s a Girl!

Today I got a call from the genetics department at Kaiser with the results of Amy’s amniocentesis. All tests came out normal, and we will be having another girl!

We couldn’t be more delighted. After getting so used to Courtney, and what a wonderful little princess she is, we weren’t sure we would know what to do with a boy. So now I’ll be (happily) outnumbered 3-1!


On Track

We went to Kaiser today to get Amy’s amniocentesis. Everything went great and the doctor said it was as normal as could be. It’s funny, Amy and I marvel at all the fear that some women mention about this procedure because of the “giant needle”. It’s really not that much bigger than a large sewing needle.

Anyway, we seem to be on track here at 16 weeks!