On Board with UBAC

Well, after some initial hesitation, I have fully gotten on board with my wife and her intent to do a UBAC (Unassisted Birth After Cesarean Section).

Our first child, Courtney, was taken from my wife’s body by an unnecessary cesarean section almost three years ago. Amy is pregnant with our second child, and would rather die than have another cesarean. She would prefer never to go to the hospital, where there is one intervention after another.

We had planned a home birth with Courtney, but when we found out at 39 weeks that she was breech, our midwife backed out because she was not experienced with breech births. So we tried unsuccessfully to have an external version(trying to turn the baby by hand externally) performed at the hospital. The doctor said it was best to just have a cesarean since we were there already, or we could just go home and and wait to go into labor and risk getting pre-eclampsia(lie).

So, Amy has put as much research into having not only a home birth, but an unassisted home birth as she originally put into just the home birth with a midwife and a doula.

The fact is that children have been born successfully without hospitals and their interventions for thousands of years. Also, the infant mortality rate in hospitals is extremely high compared to home births without doctors sticking their fingers in where they don’t belong. Pregnancy and childbirth are sacred and private things that are meant to be held and experienced by only those involved.


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  1. I love your last line. I agree that pregnancy and birth should be private and sacred. It is also an intimate experience. I wish you and Amy the best. 🙂


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