On to a Better Birth

As I mentioned earlier, with the feelings of betrayal and loss from the unnecessary cesarean, Amy said she’d rather die than have another one. So, even before deciding to try for a second child, she started learning about unassisted childbirth. In her extensive research, Amy has said that the best books(among many) on the subject are Unassisted Childbirth by Laura Kaplan Shanley and Unassisted Homebirth: An Act of Love by Lynn M. Griesemer. She has done so much research that she’s an authority on the subject. All that’s needed is to actually give birth. She is feeling great and I’ve been able to feel a lot of little kicks when Amy alerts me and places my hand on her tummy.

Amy feels that giving birth to our second daughter, due in June, in this most loving and natural way will be empowering, but more importantly, the ultimate in healing from the pain of the cesarean.

I love it when Amy tells friends acquaintances that she’s planning an unassisted birth. They almost always say “wow, you’re brave!” And to that she says anyone who would take the risk of going to a hospital to give birth is the brave one. OK, so now to review for those of you who haven’t read since the beginning of the blog: Giving birth is a bodily function, NOT A MEDICAL PROCEDURE.


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